Third Party Tools

A list of third party tools, developed by the community, that rely on Kroki.

IntelliJ AsciiDoc Plugin

A plugin for the IntelliJ platform (IntelliJ IDEA, RubyMine, etc.) that provides support for the AsciiDoc markup language. The preview supports rendering diagrams using Kroki.


A Java-based desktop text editor with live preview, string interpolation, and formulas.


An online editor for Kroki.

Add any Kroki URL after and you’ll be able to edit your diagram.

Visual Studio Code

The following Visual Studio Code plugins support Kroki:


GitLab can use Kroki to render images in Markdown, AsciiDoc, reST and Textile documents.

Sphinx Documentation


The Kroki.jl package provides integrations for the Julia programming language. It enables rendering diagrams in environments such as Documenter.jl, Pluto notebooks and Julia’s Visual Studio Code integration.


The MkDocs Kroki plugin allows to embed Kroki diagrams within Markdown files processed by MkDocs.